Shade Study #12

SS#12. The final work in this series (for now), and the most subtle of the shading patterns I’ve yet tried. You may need to back away from your screen to fully appreciate this one. The completion of this piece, signalling the end of the series, also means they have now gone off to the publisher. Look out for the book some time later this year. SS#7 from this collection will also be available to see in the anthology, ‘Reflections’, coming soon from Pentaract Press, UK.

Shade #12.png

100 Throws

The typewritten results of 100 throws of up to 6 dice. The ball was set rolling by the roll of one single dice. The number thrown dictated the amount of dice thrown for the second roll. The final dice of the second roll dictated the amount thrown for the third, and so on. Typed on the Olivetti Roma. Full PDF available for download here.


Perception: RSI back up on the walls as part of Artspace@ChippenhamMuseum.

Having been out of frames and sitting in a folder for the past two years, it is wonderful to see my collection, RSI, back in frames on public view as part of Chippenham Museum’s Perception. The exhibition, beautifully put together with fellow artists by artspace@ChippenhamMuseum, runs from the 15th of June, to the 28th. Come if you haven’t. Come again if you have.


Shade Study #6.

Number #6 in an increasingly satisfying series of typewritten works.

This one produced in one hit in an almost fugue state.

19,200 O’s.

Shade #6.png